COProxy Integration Project (CO2-PIP) Workshop at Lake Tahoe, California

Jenny McElwain took part in a two day workshop in June 2022 (4th to 7th) held by the CO2-PIP project in Lake Tahoe California. CO2-PIP is a new community project for quantifying atmospheric CO2 over the Phanerozoic. It is led by Isabel Montañez, UC Davis, Dana Royer, Wesleyan University, Daniel Breecker, University of Utah; Gabriel Bowen, University of Texas and Bärbel Hönisch, Columbia University and funded by the National Science Foundation.

The project aims to modernize and standardize published proxy CO2 records and build on successful community research of, which focused on the Cenozoic. Jenny will actively contribute to the CO2-PIP project by making raw data from published stomatal-based proxy CO2 records from  the Palaeozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic available following F.A.I.R. principles, by updating old proxy CO2 records that require new statistical modelling approaches (forward proxy modelling) and though the co-development of education material on atmospheric evolution and the carbon cycle.