Dr Amanda Porter

Science Foundation Ireland

Amanda graduated from UCD with a BSc in biochemistry and molecular biology and an MSc in evolutionary biology. She then went on to complete a PhD under the supervision of Jennifer McElwain in 2017. The PhD was part of an ERC funded OXYEVOL group project which set out to investigate the role of atmospheric O2:CO2 ratios on plant evolution. The PhD research focused on the impact of varying O2:CO2 ratios on plant morphological and eco-physiological responses for their use as paleoatmospheric proxies. After the PhD, she continued her research on the ERC-funded research commercialization project “PlantSenseKit”, which aimed to develop and commercialise the first plant-based sensor kit to help calibrate and standardise CECs at a fraction of the cost compared to using a network of artificial sensors.

My experience:

Working with Prof. McElwain, and all of those in the research team at the time, was joyful and invigorating. Being part of an engaging interdisciplinary team and under the supervision of Jenny, who was incredibly supportive with a coaching style leadership, helped me develop and grow both academically and on a personal level. Jenny not only provided me with many opportunities, but also pushed me out of my comfort zone which helped build up my confidence and independence. Jenny always sees the silver lining in any situation (or data analysis) and the team was full of creativity and positive energy.