Irish Threatened plant Seedbank

The Irish Threatened Plant Seedbank is housed at Trinity College Botanic Garden. The seedbank uses established international sampling guidelines to ensure that a representative sample of the genetic variation of a species is correctly collected and maintained. Stored at approximately -20 °C, these seeds provide an additional insurance policy in the case of failed in-situ conservation efforts with natural wild populations.

The seedbank at Trinity College Botanic Garden was originally part of the EU-funded ENSCONET consortium of seed genebanks.  The main aim was to network seed banks across Europe to develop and disseminate information on standardised protocols for the collection, curation and storage of wild seed.

The Irish Threatened Plant Seedbank currently holds over 200 accessions of 59 threatened native species, including important crop wild relatives. This is around 35% of the 106 species on the Ireland Red List of Vascular Plants. A recent philanthropic donation from the Beate Schuler Fund will enable the important work of the seedbank to continue, with the aim to increase the seed holdings to 50% of threatened species by 2023. With aid from future funding the ultimate goal is to hold all native species in our seedbank.

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Inula salicina, is a wildflower which is native and restricted now to one area in Ireland.