Dr Wuu Kuang Soh

The National Botanic Gardens of Ireland

Wuu Kuang Soh joined Prof. McElwain’s lab in 2012 as the SFI postdoctoral fellow. During this period, he investigated the ecological and physiological responses of vegetation to climate change throughout the Mesozoic and Anthropocene. He had applied leaf cuticle thickness proxy for leaf mass that can be measured from fossil leaves to understand ecological strategies of vegetation found across the Triassic–Jurassic global warming. He also investigated plant water-use response to the recent rise in atmospheric CO2 across seven biomes.

Wuu Kuang is currently a botanist at the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland. His research interest is broad and multidisciplinary, covering areas in plant systematics, ecology and ecophysiology with a major focus on global change. In the past decade, he had worked extensively using herbarium specimens to understand biodiversity and vegetation-climate interactions. He is involved in curating the collection at the National Herbarium of Ireland (DBN).

My experience in the lab had taught me one thing:

Keep your mind open because there are always alternative views or solutions to a scientific question.