Ms Catarina Barbosa

PhD candidate on the ERC funded TERRAFORM project.

Catarina is a Portuguese palaeontologist who joined the department as a PhD student in 2022. She’s part of the ERC Terraform project, studying the evolution of paleotraits in palaeozoic plants. She has an undergraduate degree in Biology (FCUP, Portugal) and completed her Master’s Degree in Palaeontology (U. Évora/FCT-UNL, Portugal) in 2022. In March of that same year, she presented her dissertation “Floristic Endemism of the Carboniferous Douro Basin, with a description of new species”, which focused on the taxonomy and evolution of plant adpressions of the Portuguese Carboniferous. During her academic life, she’s presented her work at a few scientific conferences and general public outreach events.
When she’s not working, she’s probably telling her friends nature facts during hikes, learning a(nother) musical instrument, or trying to teach her dogs a new trick!

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