Visiting Master Student

Ms Morgane Weissenburger

Master’s student on Erasmus Internship at the Trinity College Botanical Garden

Morgane is a French master’s student, doing a six-month internship at the Trinity College Botanic Garden. She has a bachelor’s degree in sciences of life with a specialization in Biology and Ecology, from the University of Caen. Her current master’s is in Botany at the University of Poitiers, about Agriculture, Landscape and Phytochemistry. During her first year of master’s, she did an internship at the Office National of Forests in Normandy, to highlight the different ambiences of Cerisy forest and show how these different environments could be preserved while welcoming the public. She feels really concerned about the protection and conservation of plants in the current context of global warming and the impact of human activities. She wants to pass on her knowledge and change public opinion about the importance of preserving biodiversity.

Her project at the Botanical Garden is to study public engagement in international botanic gardens and to elaborate a self-guide for undergraduate students. She will also participate in the Witness Tree project for the long-term ecological/environmental monitoring study.

In life, Morgane is a curious person, who enjoys hiking, listening to music, and creative activities like watercolour painting and crocheting and loves cats.