Botany-Zoology Postgraduate Research Symposium Report

The 11th TCD Botany-Zoology Postgraduate Research Symposium (@TcdZobo) was held in the Botany Lecture Theatre on the 9th and 10th of June. The Symposium gives postgraduate students an opportunity to present their current research.

The two keynote speakers and judges for the event were Dr. Anthony Heijenga and Dr. Katie O’Dwyer.

Two members of the plant-climate interaction group were among the 24 students presenting this year. Midori Yajima presented her work on the Trinity College Botanic Garden long term environmental monitoring program and Bea Jackson presented her work on reconstructing atmospheric CO2 concentrations during the Devonian using fossil plants.

Congratulations to this year’s symposium winners Elena Zioga, Katrin Schertenleib and Niamh Mc Cartan for their really impressive and interesting work, and thank you to the Postgraduate Symposium Committee Diego Bianchi, Kate Harrington, Richa Marwaha, Floriane O’Keeffe and Niamh Mc Cartan for organising such a fantastic event.